Rescue Dogs

Positive Splash Donates training to these incredible organizations. Our hope is to help the dogs in their care become well behaved pets and find forever families. If you are looking for a new family member, we highly recommend checking these rescue organizations out.

Rescue Dogs often have unknown pasts.  Many after being in a new home for awhile will display behavior that could concern an owner.  Behaviors like crate anxiety, separation anxiety, protective barking, house training, leash walking or dog reactivity are common for dogs who have not been well socialized or treated kindly in their past.  

We can help!  We have a special spot for rescue dogs and have fostered many.  We are experienced in what the entire process looks like for a dog coming out of a shelter or rescue and going into a home.   Our board and train program is designed to make that transition easy for the dog and new family.    We recommend that all newly adopted dogs are with their family for 2-3 weeks before beginning training.  Our goal is to help your new dog succeed in your home for the rest of his or her life.