About Us

Pensacola’s Best Dog Training

Who We Are

Tiffany Jourdain is a certified dog trainer with over a decade of training experience. Her dogs are her life, and dog training is the only thing she can imagine having a career in! When not training, she has sport dogs that participate in flyball, dock diving, disc, and therapy dog work. Tiffany has volunteered in animal rescue most of her life and actively fosters the most challenging cases. She has extensive training experience handling behavioral challenges like resource guarding, leash aggression, and reactivity. 

Positive Splash is the second company Tiffany founded. Dog Training Pluto’s Way is Tiffany’s first dog training business which is still operating in North Carolina. Community engagement and volunteer work is the root of who we are thanks to Tiffany’s leadership. Tiffany does visits to schools any kid events and nursing homes for no cost. We do this to bring joy and animal education to others.

How We Train

Positive Splash Dog Training uses positive reinforcement training methods. Every dog learns differently, so we have a variety of strategies and tools to ensure training success. Shaping, luring, and capturing are training methods incorporated into our training program. We are the only positive reinforcement training facility in the Florida panhandle who trains dogs with severe behavior challenges, aggression, reactivity, and resource guarding. We have many years of training experience with dogs of all different sizes, shapes and ages.

How Dogs Learn

Whether you are training a dog to do new behaviors or trying to change old behaviors, dogs learn in a variety of ways. You will hear the statement “Whatever is reinforced the most will continue to happen” in many of our training programs. We use reinforcers to encourage correct behaviors to continue. Reinforcement comes in many forms – food, toys, treats, love, play, exercise, access to exciting things and more. When you are using a dogs senses to train them, dogs respond best to scent, then sights, and then sounds. Food is often our first primary reinforcer when teaching new behaviors, the smell of the food keeps the dogs attention, and it is easy to quickly reward good behavior.